Next Millennium Visa Standard

Regular APR: 19.50%
Introductory APR: NA
Annual Fee: $59
Card Strength: Rebuilding Credit
Credit Needed: Bad Credit

Raise your credit score by paying off bills linked to a savings account. Rest easy knowing that you have the money to back up your purchases.

  • Approval guaranteed
  • Secured credit limit of up to $5,000
  • No credit check

Intro Offer Get a secured line of credit of up to $5000
Interest Rate 19.50% on regular purchases
Annual Fee $59
Cash Advance

  • * APR: 19.50%
  • * Cash Advance Fee :2% of advance (min. $1.00)

Rewards Details

  • * Approved regardless of credit history
  • * Secured credit limit of up to $5,000.00
  • * Get cash at over 740,000 ATMs
  • * Accepted wherever MasterCard┬« is accepted

Consumer Protection

  • FDIC Insured

In Short Rebuild credit and get Visa benefits

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